American Airlines Reservations: Flight booking – Check-in 

If you are searching the best airlines at a reasonable price then you should choose the American airlines because this is the trusted airlines more than millions of the people are traveling with this. There are multiple methods that are available for American Airlines Reservations, people can book their flight ticket from the website portal, or they can make their reservation through phone number.

Step by steps American Airlines booking process is given below

  1. The ticket booking process is to begin from the website portal of American Airlines. So first you need to go to the website portal.
  2. Enter your name and password to log in. If you are not registered user of that airline’s portal or first-time traveler then first you should create your account on the American Airlines portal.
  3. When you get logged in then you will get one new option like source and destination, date of journey, etc. You need to fill all the fields which are required then click on the search button.
  4. Now the first step will be a detailed filling step. When you will proceed by selecting any one option then you have to provide your some details like Name, Age, Date of birth, gender, etc.
  5. If you are more than one or willing to travel with someone then you need to provide particular details of all the passengers.
  6. By proceeding with all the above steps, next is the payment process.
  7. American airline provides several methods of booking are available on the American Airline’s site like debit/credit, net banking, etc.
  8. You need to choose one option according to your suitability and make payment carefully.
  9. In this way your ticket reservation process has been completed now you are ready to travel.

What is American airlines check-in Policy? How does American Boarding Work?

As we have already discussed about the process of booking tickets with American Airlines and all other possible services related to the same in our previous articles, today let’s quickly go through the various policies, procedures and channels involved in American Airlines check-in. American Airlines Flight Check In. Now, being an airline that is known for its reputation in terms of punctuality and remarkable passenger care services, American Airlines provides its passengers with the facility to check in through various modes and channels conveniently. Apart from physical check-ins at the airports, the Airlines also provides its passengers to check-in online, through automatic check-in, check-in via mobile application and also a unique feature which generally is called as the Early Bird Check-In.

American Airlines Flight Check-In Time:

The standard check in time is usually 24 hours prior to departure and up to 45 minutes before departure (90 minutes in some cases for international flights). However there are certain exceptions in check-in services that may be available. So let’s take a quick tour of the various check-in services and options available with American Airlines and about kind of exceptions that may be available.

Airport Check-In:

Well, this process may not require any explanation as it is just the traditional way of check-in whereby the passengers are accepted by the airline at the airport prior to their travel. The airlines typically use service counters that are found at the airports. The airline check-in crew also accepts luggage that is to go in the aircraft’s cargo hold and issues the boarding passes.

Online Check-in:

The facility of American Airlines online check-in is provided to all its passengers, including the domestic and overseas passengers. This can be easily done by logging in to the Official American Airlines Website and going for the option of “Online Check-In”. This option will also allow you to print your boarding passes once the Online Check-in is completed successfully.

Mobile Check-in:

American Airlines, now, has also introduced the AA-Mobile App that allows its users to gain access to the check-in facility by downloading the mobile app in their smart phones. One can simply download the American Airlines Mobile App and check in. Once the process is complete, the mobile boarding passes are automatically stored on your mobile from where you can simply print it out if required.

Early Bird or Automatic Check-in:

This facility is usually provided as an option at the time you book your ticket. In case you have opted or purchased this facility with the ticket then you will not be required to do the usual 24 Hrs prior check in. The Airline will automatically check you in at least 36 Hours prior to the departure of your flight. Opting for this service also gives you a better chance on seat selections and upgrades. If you are already planning to travel by American Airlines in the nearest future then keeping the tips above in mind would definitely be helpful. Plus, it has flexible American Airlines check-in baggage policy.

Do you need Assistance from  American Airlines?

Most of the disabled or old age people are also traveling daily so they need assistance. People can get assistance very easily without any charges. No, any charges are levied for a wheelchair at the airports for the passengers traveling in any class of cabin. If you are also patients of recent operation then you shouldn’t travel in the flight for at least fifteen days of recovery because the operation is done in recent days can get you pain due to stroke in the flight during the journey. If you also need a wheelchair then you should book at the time of reservation. All the efforts are made to make their journey comfortable all necessary arrangement is made in advance for their convenience.

How to contact American Airlines Customer Service?

If you need any kind of solution or want to know about policies, reservations, cancellation, etc. then you should contact the support team. If you want to book your ticket through phone number then you should make a call to the American Airlines customer service contact number. When you call on that number support will pick your call within a short time you just provide your personal details for ticket booking after that they will ask your bank details like card number, CVV, etc. You should provide all the details correctly. In this way, your reservation has been completed. The reservation process is the same as the American Airlines Online Booking.

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