How do I get through to Alitalia?

Are you having difficulty regarding the contact with Alitalia Customer service? Don’t worry about that as there is some information which you need to be aware of. But the maximum customer does not know this information. There are multiple ways available to reach them if you need to connect to the customer service center of Alitalia. This article will explain to you the procedure to get through to Alitalia are as defined below:

If you have any inquiries regarding reservation changes, then you can call their toll-free numbers or call the Italian number for Italy. If you want to talk with a customer care executive or someone who dealing the customer service then you need to follow some process like dialing Alitalia Phone Number then you can press 1 for select languages. After that, you can press 2 for existing or new reservations and press 3 for complaint or query-related issues. Lastly, you can press 5 for customer care executive.

  • For direct contact Alitalia phone number 1 (800) 223-5730, you can dial their number and get contact with their live person who will solve your problem.
  • You can also send the query or any other information which you want to know to their registered email ID of Alitalia i.e., customers.relationsnyc@alitalia.This is another way to connect with customer service and get feedback.
  • There is a fax option also available. You can send a fax to their fax number and get any support-related service.
  • For purchasing tickets, reservations, information for international and domestic flights, you can contact the Dial number from the United States
  • You can contact another number from Italy which is available 24 hours and 7 days a week.

Now, we need to know the features, that offered by the Alitalia Customer service Number. New booking or existing booking-related issues will solve Alitalia customer care department which they offer. Furthermore, flexibility, as well as the 24/7 assistance they, provide to the passengers by the customer service. There are so many other facilities offered by the Alitalia customer service number. Take a look at the below-narrated points:

  • Customer support of Alitalia also given the services to the customers related to extra service they offer with a reservation to the passengers
  • Customer support center of Alitalia also given the service any complaints related to a bad experience that is filed by customers.
  • Live executive for contact with the customer for their problem solving also provide by Alitalia support center which is satisfied by the customer.
  • Reliability and the convenience Alitalia provide to the customers for getting out to them anytime for services.

You can get the details and use their free call-back service by finding their link and clicking it. Consequently, the most significant details about Alitalia customer care are described above that provide a brief of the services they offer to the people who are looking for help and the customer service will solve the problem accordingly.

ALITALIA AIRLINES: Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Through To Alitalia?

Getting through to this airline customer support was very easy. You would not need to worry much about getting through to the customer support of this airline. You could just visit the official website of this economical passenger carrying airline to know the ways to get in touch with this airline. The major ways that were used to get in touch with customer care team of this airline are Alitalia phone number 1 (800) 223-5730, live chat, social media channel, email support, and complain support. Being a highly popular airline these were the most preferred ways by which one can connect with the customer care support of this airline when it was operating in a full-fledged nature.

Are Alitalia Refunds Issued?

Yes Alitalia gives quick refunds. If you had bought the ticket via credit card and cancelled the tickets then you would have got refunds in 7 business days. If you had bought the ticket via cash, check or debit card then it used to give refunds within 20 business days. If you are cancelling the ticket within 24 hours of booking then the refund will be provided without asking any questions. The only condition in the 24 hour policy is that, the cancellation process should not take place within 7 days of the scheduled departure of the flight.

Is Alitalia Going Out Of Business?

Alitala went out of business quite a time ago. The last flight of this Italian airline was in October 21, 2021. Now this is owned by a new group called Alitalia-SAI and it runs as ITA Airways.

What Is The Status Of Alitalia?

This airline was last operating in October 21, 2021 and after that it has closed all its operation because of going bankrupt.  Now it is sold to Alitalia-SAI and the new name of this airline is ITA Airways.

How Do I Contact Alitalia?

It was easy to connect with Alitala via any preferable methods of the passengers like email support, call 1 (800) 223-5730 by phone or by simple live chat.

What Is The New Name For Alitalia?

Alitalia Airways is now popularly known as the ITA Airways that is the new flag bearer of Italian flights.

What Killed Alitalia?

Alitalia Airways was unfortunately killed by the Italian speed trains. The popular speed train networks the Frecco and the Italo got increased numbers of passengers for themselves and it were all diverted from this airline. The development and effective cost of these speed train networks of Italy left Alitalia Airways with no other options but to quit the business after being heavily bankrupted.

Is Alitalia Owned By Delta?

Delta Airlines does not own Alitalia against the popular belief of many people. Both are part of the same alliance group. The alliance group we are talking here is SkyTeam alliance group. As of now ITA Airways has replaced Alitalia after it got sold out to Alitalia-SAI after closing the operations. Follow Alitalia customer service number 1 (800) 223-5730 to know more about this. This alliance actually helps Delta Airlines very much as it can expand its flying to Italy thanks to the partnership with this airline. As Italian domestic commercial aviation market is not so big and has also got hit by speed train network, this alliance comes as a strategic plan of Delta Airlines.

Did ITA Buy Alitalia?

ITA was allowed to buy Alitalia it was bought by forming a new entity Alitalia-SAI. Here in this entity 49 percent is owned by a Abu Dhabi based entity while rest 51 percent is owned by Alitalia-CAI that was the old owners of Alitalia Airlines.

How Do I Get A Refund From Alitalia?

The refund policy of Alitalia was very simple and customer-friendly and it has continued to stay same even after the ownership has changed to Alitalia-SAI and the airline getting the new name ITA Airways. Being a flag bearer of Italian airways this airline always prefers ethics before business. So, the process to get refund is:

  • Go to the official website of this airline.
  • Navigate to the manage my booking section, and check for the flights you have cancelled.
  • See if the refund option is available and then apply for refunds.
  • If you are eligible for the refund, then it will be processed soon.

If you still have any queries then you can seek assistance from the customer service team by dialling 1 (800) 223-5730 the customer service number. This way you can get your issues resolved.

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