Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation Policy- Fee & Refund Policy

Hawaiian Airlines – It is the flag carrier and also the largest airline in U.S state of Hawaii, the airline is the oldest U. S carrier. The airline operates in Asia, America Samoa, Australia, French Polynesia, Hawaii, New Zeeland and also in United States mainland. The airlines offer frequent flyer program by the name of Hawaiian Miles and yes one can get the reservation done over the internet or by calling the reservation number.

How to cancel Hawaiian Airlines flight and what is Cancellation policy – 

Due to any uncertain situation if one feels he need to cancel the reservation the same can be done by taking the policy in due consideration –

  • If he cancellation is done within 24 hours of the ticket being purchased, then one is eligible for the complete refund.
  • The airlines will not charge any fee for the cancellation if the reservation is made 7 days or more prior and even cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled departure.
  • If the flight is delayed more than 3 hours , one has the right to cancel the flight and will not be required to pay the cancellation fee

Steps to cancel the reservation – in order to get the cancellation done online please take the steps as below

  • One has to be on the official website
  • Among the options listed as click on Manage Flights and then click on my trips
  • In the required field enter the details as Last name, and conformation code or ticket number      and click on option view my trip
  • Now as the reservation itinerary is displayed then look for the cancellation instruction which can be seen in the blue box right at the top of the itinerary, please ensure that you go through the instructions and then click on cancel reservation.

By taking the steps as above you will be able to cancel the reservation and will get the conformation about the same and I case one needs to get some clarification can seek help from calling the customer service number.

What happens if Hawaiian cancels a flight and how often does Hawaiian cancel flights- if an airline cancels the flight you as a traveler can look for the below rights

  • Get a seat in the next available flight
  • Refund
  • One will also get the refund even for the non – refundable tickets

 Airlines do not cancel the reservation quire often however if the cancellation is due to bad weather condition, riots, civil unrest war, hostilities, strikes, lockout, government regulations and so forth, in this case the situation is beyond the control of airline.

In case the cancelation id due to plane change, shortage of the crew and so forth basically which is control of the airlines the traveler will also be offered

  • Meal Voucher if the delay is for 4 hours or more
  • Hotel accommodation in case if the delay is extended and in case if it is extended in the period of 10.00pm to 6.00am
  • Ground Transportation – in case it is not provided by the hotel then same will be provided by the airline if available or one can get the reimburse the reasonable amount when shown the receipt but if it was given however not accepted by you one will be given the reimbursement for the same.

If the flight has been cancelled , then there is nothing to be baffled about the airlines will do what it takes to ensure your safety and in any given situation you can speak and get help from the customer service number

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