How to book last minute flight to California?

As most of us are tired from a long break of Covid, it’s now time to explore the beautiful beaches and lighthouses of California. California is a vibrant city with fabulous art scenes, beautiful beaches, varied temperatures and amazing adventure sports. Hence, it’s the best travel destination if you are seeking a short break from your work. However, finding cheap last minute flight to California can be a strenuous task but no worries as with some facile methods below you can crack a good last minute deal on flights to California.

1. Red eye flights

A red eye flight saves your money in the last minute which is why business travelers love these flights. These flights depart late night and arrive early morning thus saving your accommodation and food costs. Moreover, you can have utmost comfort and can evade the day traffic and enjoy quick check-in and boarding.  No matter whether you are travelling domestically or internationally, red eye flights are the cheapest and convenient option when booking a flight in the last minute.

2. Book a flight with frequent layovers

An itinerary with frequent stops is much cheaper and feasible than a one way or two way trip. Moreover, you can also enjoy and explore the beauty of other cities during the stoppage. Flights with layovers is the best option if you are travelling to a far off place as the  frequent breaks in between saves you from  continuous long hours travelling and bring down your travelling expenses under your budget. However, you should consult a travel agent or a third party before booking an itinerary with layovers as the agent can assist you better in making your itinerary more efficient and cheaper.


3. Book last minute flights on phone

No matter whichever airline you wish to travel with, contacting the airlines staff can get you a good last minute deal on flights to California as the airlines release some good deals and coupons to boost up their sales which can be availed and understood clearly by contacting the airlines staff. Moreover, some airlines provide some bereavement tickets for last minute funerals but to avail these you again have to call the airlines and be ready with the relative name and the doctor’s name and phone number.


4. Book using miles and travel credits

If you are a frequent traveler then booking last minute flights to California using your sky miles can save your pocket significantly. Moreover, you can also use your travel credits or e-credits that were issued in lieu of refund during Covid and reduce the cost of your ticket fare.


5. Use promo codes

Almost all the airlines release alphanumeric promo codes every month and provide discount of up to 20% on the first flight booking. So, you can use these promo codes and get up to 10-20% off on your flight bookings provided that the booking is made within 7 to 14 days before the scheduled departure.

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