Eurowings Airlines cancellation Policy- Fees & refund Policy

Eurowings is a German Airline company. It is a low-cost airline making it a popular choice among the flyers. The airline has domestic as well as flights to European

destinations. In a Eurowings flight you can fly to your travel destination with utmost comfort at really low fares. Making flight booking online and on the phone is quite

easy with Eurowings Airlines as well.

You always plan your travel well especially when flying on a flight. However, there might be situations when you have to cancel your flight or your flight is canceled

by the airline for some reason. In such a situation you want to save money on cancellation. For this, it is always good to know the Eurowings Airlines cancellation policy in advance.

Here is the cancellation policy of the airline in brief:

1. If you cancel online within the 24 hours of online flight booking, you don’t need to pay any penalty for the cancellation.

2. The above policy is applicable only if the flight that you want to cancel is scheduled to fly after 7 days of initial booking. If you cancel a flight that is scheduled to

fly within the 7 days of initial booking you cannot do so and it will be charged.

3. If the flight gets delayed or is canceled by Eurowings Airlines, then in such a situation you can claim compensation amount. This is allowed according to the European Union Regulation 261/2004 passenger right according to which you can claim up to 600 Euros for the inconvenience caused due to flight delays or cancellations.

4. On your part, you can cancel your flight before web check-in for your flight is closed. For this, you can visit the ‘My flight’ section on the official website of the airline

or visit the airport counters, call at the call center of the airline or use the mobile app through ‘Manage flights’.

5. Sometimes you may want to cancel your booking and transfer it for another booking. Well, you are allowed to do this as well. You just need to make a phone call at the Eurowings call center. You may have to pay additional charges for this which will be communicated to you by the airline representative.

Canceling your Eurowing sflight Once you know the Eurowings Airlines cancellation policy is well known to you when to cancel your flight in order to save cancellation charges. However, the next

Step is to know how to cancel your Eurowings Airlines flight. Well, the process is easy and you can do it online on the website or the mobile app. You can follow the below steps to do so on the website:

1. First, open the website of the airline

2. Then go to the “Manage booking” section.

3. Now you are required to enter the “Last name” and booking reference to retrieve your bookings.

4. Now you can follow the further on-screen instruction to cancel your flight.

Eurowings Airlines Refund Policy

You should also know the refund policy of Eurowings Airlines so that you know well in advance what can you claim or entitled to receive when you cancel or change your flight or the flight is canceled or gets delayed by the airline. Here is the Eurowings Airlines refund policy in brief:

1. You must submit a refund form to claim a refund from the airline.

2. You will be able to submit a refund form only when you booked a flight with refund category and if you booked a non-refundable ticket you will not be eligible

to apply for a refund.

3. The airline offers a refund in the form of travel credit only which can be used by passengers for future ticket bookings.

This is the cancellation and refund policy of Eurwoings Airlines for all the passengers in brief. However, if you need more clarity and details about the same you can always call the Eurowings Airlines customer care team to ask any query related to cancellation and refund and other issues related to Eurowings Airlines. You will be answered in detail by a representative of the airline on the phone who would answer you until you are completely satisfied.

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