How do I Change my Southwest Flight without Paying More?

You can easily make flight changes with great opportunities and amazing facilities. You can conveniently change the flight without paying any extra fee, for up to 14 days before departure. The main point that makes them different from others is they are waiving prices and making a fare difference. This offer is for both paid or award flights. If you have a flight booked at rupee 2000. Now due to your reasons you want to change this flight, it will cost 2200. You don’t have to pay fare charges. The difference is 200 rupees only. Now you can easily and conveniently make changes to your flight, 14 days before the flight. Now you will get to know a few things related to change my Southwest flight .

Change your Southwest flight

This platform of southwest flight has a different and generous policy. Just enjoy your booking with southwest flights. Just check on your reservation and find out if you’ve to make any changes to your flight-related to departure or changing dates or any other. This changed policy started when the customers were allowed by southwest airlines to change the flight to another flight, the 737MAX8 flight.  But this keeps coming back from time to time, in a few weeks and months. Just say you have already booked a Southwest flight, and now there’s a change in your plan. Or maybe, by mistake you booked the wrong tickets. Now you’re confused about how to undo these. Here we will guide you, on how you can avoid any extra fees while making these changes.

How to avoid paying extra charges for southwest flights?

  • Assure to make changes within 24 hours of your flight.
  • Either you have to make changes 60 days before departure.
  • Make sure you bought flexible tickets where you can easily go for add-ons.
  • The day you booked your flight, make changes the same day.
  • You can ask for help with the elite status.

Flight change policy of southwest airlines

We have to face an instant change in our plan sometimes. The first thing that comes to our mind is our pre-booked tickets. Will we get a refund? Or do we have to pay extra charges for the date change? Now you do not have to worry about any of these things. Check out how you can change my Southwest flight without paying more! Without any flight difference, you can easily make the required changes in your flight. But this policy is only applicable when there’s a direct booking with southwest airlines. If you’ve planned your travel with group travel, this offer won’t is for you.

If you still need any help related to change, cancel, refund, or upgrade, please contact the customer care team. Our team is eagerly waiting for your call at any time. You can also get assistance through our company’s contact number available on southwest airlines’ official page. Also, you can mail us at our official website.

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